Bandicoots: Lively Up Yourself, Denver

I'm a little under whelmed, Denver. You claim you like Art. You claim you like the nightlife. Even our mayor loves the rock and roll (his favorite band is X!).

So where are you?

Sorry. Didn't mean to scold you. I just get so passionate about this issue. You clearly still like local music. Take for instance, the Best Seller list at Twist & Shout the past few weeks: It's dominated by Flobots, Devotchka, Swayback, Slim Cessna, Apples in Stereo (who are for some unknown reason still considered local). I can't praise you enough for supporting local music! Please keep doing so! It’s amazing we still listen to those old school, soon-to-be-laughed-into-oblivion audio devices called CDs.

But this wouldn't be Bandicoots if I didn't complain a bit. After purchasing the latest local masterpiece, why not head on down to a local venue to catch an unknown act?

For your benefit, here’s a three step process for choosing a (random) live show:

1. Choose a random day, say Wednesday, and pick a show solely based on the creativity of the band name.

2. Choose a show based solely on the poster design.

3. Choose, if you must, on the best drink specials -- you lush. (I name-call only because I care.)

Whatever your motivation, we need more people going to local shows.

I know what you're thinking: "I work hard for my money, and I'm sure as snot not going to plunk down eight bucks on some random kids thrashing about on stage." True dat. Consider this, though: There's a good chance that some of the best shows you've ever seen have involved your favorite band and some random unknown band that subsequently became your favorite band.

Up the chances for spontaneity in your life. The worst that can happen is you'll hear a crappy band for a few hours and drink too much cheap booze (one argument for removing the third option from consideration). Lately, Denver bands have received tremendous support at the music store. Why not help transfer that support to the venue. They (the industry wonks) keep telling us that the future of our music is the live show. Surely then, the heart and soul of Denver's music culture will rely on live show attendance for Denver-based performers.

Go rock out with the Mayor, Denver -- even if you’ve never heard of the band.

-- Eli Mishkin

Bandicoots is written by Eli Mishkin from Hot IQs and appears every week except when it doesn't. Got questions? Get answers. Hit Eli up here.

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