Bar Band of the Week

When a band has a name like Wicked Grin, you expect to see burned-out relics from the Revlon era rockin' the spandex and skullets, churning out half-baked versions of everyone's favorite cock-rock anthems. The material this act has chosen to replicate hails from a later decade but is no less mind-numbing, with three sets comprising almost thirty songs from the likes of Nickelback, Creed and Three Doors Down. Those who'd rather slide down a fifty-foot razor into a pool of rubbing alcohol than listen to formulaic corporate-rock shlock will probably want to look elsewhere for their kicks -- but fans of cookie-cutter alterna-rock should eat this up by the fistful. Wicked Grin's renditions are so dead-on that if you're hammered enough, standing in the back and squinting really hard, you might mistake frontman Colby Cunningham for Scott Stap or Chad Kroeger. Stop by Brewski's for the band's next stand, Thursday, March 18, through Saturday, March 20, and hear for yourself.
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Dave Herrera
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