Battle Talk gets dubstep in your hip-hop

On the just-released Battle Talk Volume 1, four Denver DJs have joined forces to create one big mix that blends dubstep's whomp, atmosphere and production style with hip-hop, turntablism and funk. The mix is a showcase for the talent of Ale Fillman, Odeed, Chewie and Zeno, not to mention an object lesson in how well dubstep's booming low end and dub-derived electronic manipulations work with hip-hop.

As they explain on the website, "The goal of this project is to successfully blend the styles from all 4 DJs to form one mix. Turntablism, Technics, Laptops, Ableton Live, Serato Scratch, a QFO and some serious sample digging were used to put together this mix for your musical pleasure." You can judge for yourself how well they succeed at that goal. You can download the mix for free (right click and choose "Save As"), or hit the jump to listen via an embedded player. Full track listing is available at

Battle Talk Vol1 by Battle Talk


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