B.Blacc crossing over to R&B on new album

The last time we checked in with him, B.Blacc was strictly on the rapping end, churning out mixtapes and keeping the streets ablaze with his presence. The Montbello MC has since decided to diversify his portfolio by going back to the craft that molded him into the artist he's out to be. Working on an R&B album, B.Blacc is changing lanes.

Singing was a part of his upbringing, says Blacc, and it remains a constant factor in his love for music. "When I was a kid, I was always singing for everyone, in church, everything," he notes. "It's truly one of my first loves. I'm a rapper, too, but really, to sing is another way I get my point across. I can put rap and R&B together in a way that makes people look at music differently."

Not only is B.Blacc planning to put out a mixtape of full R&B tracks, but there is a documentary planned that will detail his life along with his rise in the music game. "I want to put out a DVD with people who have known me in the game for a long time so that everyone can get an idea of what I'm about and what my talent is truly like," he explains. "It's going to be interviews with people I've worked with who have known my struggle as well as my triumphs."

The transition from rapper to singer should be pretty seamless, as most who are familiar with his work know B.Blacc already know he's a well-rounded artist. Laughing at the mention of Drake and others who marry R&B with rap, he says we shouldn't expect all girly love songs. "There's going to be some rapping, for sure. I keep it street, but I can sing, as well. The rap will give it that edge, but vocally I'll be singing, for sure."

Check out "Anything," one of B.Blacc's new tracks, below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.