Bearaoke at The Bar puts a new spin on karaoke

Bearaoke at The Bar puts a new spin on karaoke

Have your Friday nights become completely rote? Are you bored out of your skull and tired to the point of tedium from doing the same thing week in and week out? Then here's the cure for what ails you -- a full night of unique entertainment you're genuinely just not going to find anywhere else.

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The night starts off with Altered Schtick, Chuck Roy's comedy show featuring transgendered comediennes. Roy's a funny fucker, if you haven't seen him perform, and he curates the whole thing, so you can bet it's a hoot.

The thing we're even more excited about, though, is what happens after Altered Schtick, and that's Bearaoke. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, but this isn't your basic "Genie In a Bottle" bullshit. I wouldn't bother you with that. C'mon! You can do that anywhere.

No, sir, this is live karaoke backed by a band. Hang on. Yes, I know that's been done before. Here's what makes this different: The band in question is Wonderlic, noted jam-band maestros, and the playlist consists of titles by Phish ("Sparkle," already dibbed), the Grateful Dead ("Scarlet Begonias"), Johnny Cash ("Folsom Prison Blues" and "Cocaine Blues"), the Band ("Cripple Creek") and the Beatles ("Dear Prudence"), among others.

Bonus: Hippieman and Roy himself are signed up to croon tunes by Dylan and the Dead, respectively. The next Altered Schtick/Bearaoke is slated for Friday, March 29, at The Bar on South Broadway, and then every last Friday of the month after that.


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