Last year at Denver Black Sky.
Last year at Denver Black Sky.
Aaron Thackeray

Beloved Metal Fest Denver Black Sky Returns December 5

One of the biggest metal events of the year is the Denver Black Sky Fest, held at the Gothic Theatre. In the past, big metal festivals have been relegated to the coasts, but the metal scene in Denver is blossoming into its own beast — so it's only fitting that Denver is now home to an annual gig that caters to true fans of the scene. The festival just announced its third installment, scheduled for December 5. Tickets are on sale now. 

The fest is put together by a partnership of Relapse Records and Black Sky Brewery — one of the two metal-themed breweries in town. This year’s event is set to be the biggest, and Black Sky has already lined up some stellar headlining bands.For starters, Pig Destroyer, celebrated death-grind veterans and groundbreaking musicians from the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area, will be making its first-ever appearance in Denver. The group only recently started touring outside the East Coast, so its performance this December should be nothing short of explosive.

Headlining alongside Pig Destroyer is well-known death-metal band Skinless, which played last year as well. Local doomsters In the Company of Serpents will also play this year, in addition to Nekrofilth, scummy metal from Ohio; Khemmis, another awesome local doom band; and local thrashers Axeslasher. More bands will be announced soon. We're hoping for some other heavy groups who call Colorado home, like Call of the Void, Spectral Voice and Cephalic Carnage, in addition to some visiting bands.

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