BLKHRTS' six-song debut is impressive upon first listen and continually rewarding and compelling upon additional spins. While all of the MCs involved (Yonnas Abraham of The Pirate Signal, FOE, Karma, Catch Lungs, Haven) are in dependably top form here as they trade verses with one another and add shading with their distinctive cadences, it's Abraham's production that sets this act apart. Unlike much of hip-hop, which relies upon classic soul samples, Abraham showcases depth and creativity in using unconventional samples to build tracks such as "OVR," which dips into "Novelty," by a pre-Joy Division Warsaw; "THY WNT GO," where he twists a Stevie Wonder hook; and "N HVN VRYTNG S BLK," which pivots on an eerie sample from Eraserhead. Beyond the inherent obscurity of his choices, Abraham injects each song with soulfulness, imagination and palpable fury.

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