BLKHRTS drop CHRCH and prepare for the release of BEAST and Junkie

BLKHRTS are on a pretty solid run right now. Just before the first of the year, Yonnas Abraham released Sextape, and here we are barely into the new year and the trio has prepared an onslaught of material poised to color the entire first and second quarters BLK with their presence. King FOE is on deck now with eight tracks set to preview the release of his solo BLKHRTS effort, Junkie (the title track and NSFW video of which is posted below). At the same time, CHRCH, released last week, has been making its way around the interwebs. We recently caught up with Yonnas Abraham to get the lowdown on BLKHRTS' prolific release schedule.

"Following the same method as Sextape, Junkie -- the actual project -- is coming out on March 31," Abraham reveals. "The prelude tracks will be out eight weeks before that. Starting this week, we are going to start putting out those songs."

While CHRCH is already out, the guys are putting the final touches on their collaborative project with DJ Ktone, BEAST (vowels included), which is due for release on February 29, scheduled to coincide with DJ Ktone's epic birthday weekend, The Greatest Show on the Turf.

"At this point, what we've figured out is a high rate of productivity that I've never in my life participated in," says Abraham. "We're pushing ourselves to make a lot of material. Karma's is gonna come out in June or July, and maybe there will be another CHRCH- or BEAST-style project, because it wasn't that difficult to do while we were still doing our individual things."

As for CHRCH, evidently, it's part of the master plan that pretty much involves building BLKHRTS into a cult-like religion. "With CHRCH, I'm trying to make a religion, in a sense," Abraham explains. "It seems like there are like four pre-formed religions, and a lot of people prescribe to those, and a lot of people don't subscribe to any religion at all. It's like they make up their own. Based on our life, what is our religion? What are the things that matter to us? The things that matter are sex, drugs, violence, money and death. That's what seems like what matters. Love is hocus-pocus. Sex is real. To me, God is a woman, a woman who looks like Isis Speaks. That's the way God looks, because she's so perfect-looking. That's why she's on the cover."


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