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BLKHRTS moving to L.A.: This Saturday's video-release party at Larimer to be last Denver show

This Saturday, January 25, BLKHRTS are playing their last show as denizens of Denver. Next month, the lauded local act is picking up stakes and heading for Los Angeles. Before the outfit leaves the Mile High City behind, though, it's going to offer a special parting gift to one lucky fan: a trip to L.A., where they'll get to kick it with the guys for three days, including seeing the group perform at Los Globos and having the chance to record with the band. You read that right. Record with the band. Whatever they want.

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"Some bands just do what they do," says King Foe in the band's release, "but we draw on all kinds of music. Anything, seriously, anything they can think of, we can make into a BLKHRTS track. If the winner wants to sing, cool. If they want us to sample old Dead Kennedys songs, cool. If they want us to rap about koala bears, cool."

Although this show will serve as the band's last official local gig as Denverites, you can bet the fellas will be back periodically, as each of the members have deep roots here. Not to mention, while they'll be receiving their mail in a different zip code, BLKHRTS will always be hometown heroes. "Denver has done so much to support us," says Yonnas Abraham. "That's what this contest is about. Only the kind of love that exists between Denver and the BLKHRTS could cause us to do this, because, let's face it, there are plenty of ways this could go wrong."

As if the prospect of winning a trip to L.A. and giving the group a proper sendoff isn't incentive enough to make your way to the Larimer Lounge this Saturday night, the show, which also features Chella Negro and 100 Shots, doubles as a video-release party for BLKHRTS' new clip for "Porties."

Godspeed, brethren.

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