Two-thirds of BLKHRTS
Two-thirds of BLKHRTS
Photo by Nema Etebar

BLKHRTS on the Misperceptions and Limitations of Denver

Our old friends Yonnas and King F.O.E. talked to the great Jeff Weiss in an interview published today via our sister paper, L.A. Weekly. Topics of conversation include BLKHRTS' sound (“It’s like a cross between Robert Smith [The Cure] and Robert Diggs [RZA]") and, in very candid terms, the limitations of Denver's hip-hop scene: 

“It’s a growing scene but there just isn’t a huge market for hip-hop in Denver. And we got to the point where we felt capable of bringing something unique to L.A.,” Yonnas says. “People always say, ‘Oh, I’m tired of hearing the same shit all the time.’ We’re legitimately doing something new.”

F.O.E. also tackles misperceptions about our city in more general terms:

“Niggas all think we ski and shit,” sneers King F.O.E. “There’s a perception that there’s no black people in Denver. There’s a huge black community, and it’s not all weed dispensaries and hippies, either. I spent most of my life gangbanging and selling dope.”

The whole thing is well worth a read — Weiss has some very flattering things to say about the project, calling it "one of the most formidable" in L.A., and the perspective is one well worth considering. Plus, the article is accompanied by the premiere of a new BLKHRTS song, "Trillex." Read/listen here.

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