Reader: Don't Waste Your Money on Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan will play Colorado's 1STBANK Center on October 21.
Bob Dylan will play Colorado's 1STBANK Center on October 21. Xavier Badosa
Earlier this week, we announced that Nobel Prize-winning singer-songwriter Bob Dylan will be bringing his act to Broomfield's 1STBANK Center this fall. If you've listened to his most recent album, Triplicate, you'll notice that he's sounding a bit more Tom Waits than Bob Dylan. Nonetheless, we think he's aging like a fine wine.

While nobody denies that he's a legend, some of our readers took to social media to snipe at him for pushing forward with his career as the decades pass, saying his voice no longer sounds good. Stefan writes:

I would never pay to see Bob again. His music is great, but he's too old to tour.

Craig opines:

Don't waste your money. Unfortunately, these days he sounds like shit in concert.
Michael asks:

Can he still sing?

Chris replies:

He never could. His words carry the show.
Read on for more of our coverage of Dylan over the years.

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