Bocumast Sampler Pack 2010: Now that's thinking outside the box

We're still wading through our Bocumast Sampler Pack 2010, but so far it's been worth the digging. A ringtone from Cougar Legs, the creepiest/most awesome Bocumast poster, a bunch of music from the label's exceptional talent, a photo of David Kurtz with his award winning Pokemon collection, etc, etc.

The basic premise is that the sampler isn't just the collection of re-hashed singles you expect from such things. It's that, plus new music, plus random photos, plus promo posters, html files with web links, submission guidelines ... basically they appear to have just emptied their server of whatever they'd uploaded in the last few month, put it in .zip folder, and offered if for download. You can grab the thing by clicking here or on the image above.

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