Westword Music Showcase

BoomBox at Larimer Lounge: A Westword Music Showcase Pre-Party

BoomBox played a very special DJ set last night at the Larimer Lounge for our penultimate Westword Music Showcase pre-party. The dance party was in full effect. One of our ace shutterbugs, Kate Levy, was on hand to immortalize the evening. See what you missed if you missed last night. And don't forget: Tonight the rock is going to roll something fierce at the Bluebird as Black Lamb and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake share the stage with the incendiary rock gods known as the Giraffes for our final pre-party.

If you haven't already picked up your tickets. There's still time. Stop by our offices today with a Showcase ticket confirmation and say "Giraffes" and we'll hook you up with a comp ticket. (FYI: There is limited capacity at the Bluebird, so show up early. Once it's at capacity, that's it. Comp tickets don't guarantee admission once it's sold out.) If you haven't picked up your Showcase ticket yet, better get on it. Today's the last day you can buy 'em for $15. Tomorrow they're $30.

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Dave Herrera
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