Boyhollow and crew bring Creep to Beauty Bar

This is not a token "throwback to the early days of Lipgloss party." We repeat, this is not a throwback. Creep, which kicks off December 15 at Beauty Bar, is a totally new night brought to you by one of the DJs who birthed Lipgloss, but Michael Trundle, aka Boyhollow, stresses that the resemblance to the original indie dance night is only a slight one.

"The night's still around," Trundle says, "so why would we do a reunion for it?" But what Trundle also wants to iterate is that Creep will still be a mix of old and new music, much like Lipgloss began -- Ladytron and Stone Roses will play alongside Band of Skulls and the latest LCD Soundsystem tracks -- but there will be less focus on dance-floor bangers.

"With electro and dubstep," he adds, "the energy is incomparable, but not what we wanted to capture with Creep."

The DJ and Lipgloss co-founder Tyler "Danger" Jacobson once considered a full-fledged Lipgloss reunion of sorts at its old haunt, 3 Kings Tavern (which, at the time, was known as 60 South), but decided the idea of bringing old friends and a new audience together for a new evening altogether was a better plan.

Trundle and Mike Disco are the resident DJs behind the first edition of Creep -- Trundle says it may go monthly or bi-monthly, depending on the turnout -- and Jacobson will make a guest appearance on the decks for the first round of this free dance party.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.