Brace yourself for the new batch of Justin Biebers: Five heirs to the Bieb's teen-idol throne

Justin Bieber and his $40,000 hair are making girls swoon all over the world, but this overnight sensation is not alone. Despite the fact that kids everywhere are obsessing and worshipping this pseudo-talented tween, there are more idols in the pipeline. Since kids have the attention spans of gnats, they're always ready for the next big star.

It makes sense: With all the money to be made by the Biebers and the Timberlakes, the Britneys and the Aguileras, there are going to be hundreds of similarly marketable would-be Biebers right on his tail. Here are a few that will probably be on kids' walls, digging in parents' pocketbooks (Thank you, Waiting 4U Tour), and on the iPods of an entire generation of junior-high kids trying to deny that they're fans.

5. Nora Foss al-Jabri This Norwegian girl may be a long shot, but when you're deemed good enough to appear on Oprah's "Most Talented Kids" show, chances are life is going to treat you right. Nora has been called "the little girl with the big voice," and although she may be a smidge older than the 'tweens she's competing against, she is just the right age to catch all the girls who are growing out of the Bieber phase. Young female fans are going to start loathing the fellas and are going to need a solid role model, and this innocent fits the bill. She hasn't released an album yet, but if she can market her "music" as well as her persona? This mini will take over the teen scene.

4. Willow Smith This little princess is whipping her hair all over Hollywood and showing the 'tween boys that they aren't the only ones who can rock it out and rake in millions. Her first single, "Whip My Hair," made it to No. 33 on the Hot 100 in June of last year. She's also worked with the Bieb on his Never Say Never tour. If she's good enough for Justin, she's good enough for us. Will and Jada Smith's daughter isn't just your typical girl next door; this little girl has the sass to go all the way. And with the assistance of her parents' connections, money and fame, she'll be propelled into complete and utter stardom.

3. Anthony Gargiula This eleven-year-old phenomenon has appeared on Ellen and The Today Show, sung the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden, and he's set to appear on Glee. The kid is moving up the charts fast and steady, and with the new release of his album, he's sure to give Bieber a wicked run for his money. Same haircut, same adorable charm, but with all the newness of a handsome blind date. Bieber had better watch his aging back.

2. Greyson Chance This thirteen-year-old new Bieber posted himself performing "Paparazzi," and BOOM! Millions of people tuned in to watch what he was going to do next. He's been on Ellen, debuted his first record for Geffen Records in October and just announced his North American Waiting 4U Tour with Australian Bieber wannabe Cody Simpson. Not only does G.C. resemble the Bieb, but he has a cool name, swooshy hair and voice that will make minis swoon. And he's named Greyson Chance, which sounds like it's made up, and probably is.

1. Maria Aragon By mimicking Lady Gaga on YouTube, she not only inspired a tweet from the panty-wearing star, but Ms. Meat-Dress actually loved her so much that she invited her on her tour. Maria Aragon has appeared on Ellen (is Ellen Degeneres trying to ruin America?) in February of this year and earned a standing ovation for her appearance. Although she has yet to release her first album, it's almost certain Disney will be at her doorstep in no time, offering to put her up in a nice condo and urging her to sign her youth away. And really, why not?

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