Brazilian cab driver imitates Michael Jackson perfectly

If this Brazilian cab driver can imitate Michael Jackson so perfectly, and a homeless dude with a golden voice can come out of the wood work, surely we can predict when and where the next rising star will come simply by reaching out into the community. Here is a list of the best possibilities of rising, yet-to-be-recognized, stars who will soon be known for their musical mastering. Could the Mile High City be the home of the next?

The Ladies Fancywork Society: With notable recognition by national media for their involvement in the beautification of a construction site using crocheted flowers, the impeccable skills of needle-work are almost perfectly suited for plucking away on a stringed instrument. So, let's give them a banjo, a ukulele, a harp, a mandolin and a violin and see if YoYo Ma can compete.

A1 SCUBA: This Engelwood-based diving company can help you learn to dive. SCUBA in Colorado? I think it's a cover for a lost skill in the horn section. Replace the breathing apparatus with a French horn, perhaps throw in an oboe, and you've got some serious kick-ass brass. Plus, SCUBA in Colorado? It's got to be a front.

Deli Manager at Tony's Market: I like my ham and turkey thinly sliced, almost so you can through it. Not prosciutto status, but close. That takes a lot of precision on the slicing device with repetition of the arm going delicately over the wheel. Replace the hock of ham with a horse-hair stringed bow, switch the machine with a pristine Stradivarius and voila, we have the new first chair for the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Famous Pizza dough slinger: Does flippin' pies make you an expert at music? Of course not. A constant motion of kneading, flipping, and spinning dough does, however, qualify you for the percussionist position of any jam band birthing in Colorado right now. The flowing motion of kneading can also produce some serious crunchy moves when matched to the right beat.

A seventeen-year-old girl from Cherry Creek High School: See American Idol. It doesn't take much these days to impress the judges on this already exhausted season of Idol, but with a few tears and some sympathy from the devil, your chances are greatly raised.

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