Break the (Denver) Internet: Nathaniel Rateliff Responds to Britney Spears "S.O.B" Video

You thought singing the national anthem at a Broncos game or making a Rolling Stone year-end list were career highlights for Nathaniel Rateliff? Well, my friends, we may have just now reached peak Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.

No, the peak is not them headlining Red Rocks. The Night Sweats achieved singularity two days ago, thanks to none other than Britney Spears.

For no apparent reason (and, really, we don't need an explanation, do we?), Britney Spears posted three videos of herself dancing to the Denver band's "S.O.B" while wearing only a bikini. The incongruous image is not at the same level as shaving her head and marrying her backup dancer, but it's a head-scratcher nonetheless.

Today, though (oh, today!), brought us Internet gold: Nathaniel Rateliff himself, undoubtedly after being sent the Spears video hundreds of times by friends and fans, decided to respond to Ms. Spears with his own, bikini-clad video. 

That video is below, and really, it requires no explanation either. Long live Denver music and its sense of humor.

reposting @britneyspears thanks for making the sexy video of our song #SOB ??-ON.

A video posted by Nathaniel Rateliff (@nathanielrateliff) on

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