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Breather Resist

Can't take one more moment of election post-mortem? Try this simple diversion. Pull out your favorite Dillinger Escape Plan, Jesus Lizard and Entombed CDs and carefully break them into tiny shards. Chew and swallow. Then start singing some of those dark, self-loathing lyrics you've been working on during commercials. The result will sound something like Breather Resist, Louisville, Kentucky's relentlessly brutal hardcore punks. While the violent bobbing, weaving and lunging of guitarist Evan Patterson, bassist Nick Thieneman and drummer Geoff Paton sounds like Pavement's lost black-metal album, Steve Sindoni's larynx-shredding vocals obscure surprisingly sensitive and introspective lyrics. Ferocious, unsettling and uncompromising, Breather Resist rises like smoke from the Ohio River to breathe life -- and death -- into a numb and complacent world. Go see this band. You'll feel better.
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