Brendan's 404 Pub to host live music, starting with Sean Kelly from the Samples on 1/29/14

After graduating college and moving to Denver in the '70s, Kevin Geraghty started going to the Club 404, the bar at 404 Broadway owned for six decades by Jerry Feld, who passed away earlier this month. Geraghty, who ran Brendan's Pub for almost ten years on Market Street and later on Larimer, took over the space a little bit over a year ago and redubbed the spot Brendans's 404 Pub. Over the last year, Geraghty has been renovating the space and later this month, the place will begin hosting live music with a gig from the Samples frontman Sean Kelly on Wednesday, January 29.

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Geraghty says Club 404 was part of his life for a long time and that he probably wouldn't have gotten back into business unless it was for something like this. After a decade-long run with Brendan's Pub on Market Street, he and sister bought and renovated the space at 2009 Larimer Street and moved the home of the blues down a few blocks. After close to two years, the spot closed and Soda Jerk opened up the Marquis Theater.

Brian Handlos, who was the first employee at the Market Street location when it opened in 1993, has teamed up with Geraghty again on this incarnation of Brendan's. Handlos will handle the booking and be general manager as well. Handlos says he doesn't want the venue to be loud rock club. He'd rather have the room, which has about a 75 person capacity, be more of a listening room.

"I want a room where people come and sit down and listen to music," Handlos says. "Like I want people clapping after solos. I think in this day and age, the multimedia people become so into what they're into and that's all that they're into."

While they plan to recreate the legendary jams of the old Brendan's on Tuesday nights, there also plans for a jazz jam on Sundays and singer-songwriter nights on Mondays. They hope to have some local artists come down to do stripped down sets.

Keep reading for more pics of the renovations at Brendan's 404 Pub

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