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Brujeria, appearing with Cephalic Carnage and Valiomierda, is a supergroup of sorts — and a bizarre one at that. A who's who from the extreme-metal genre have gone through the lineup since the late '80s, including past or future members of Fear Factory, Possessed, Faith No More and plenty of others — and the current lineup draws from notorious outfits such as Carcass (yowler Jeffrey Walker), Napalm Death (bassist Shane Embury) and Cradle of Filth (drummer Adrian Erdlandsson). Not that any of these names surface in the group's official publicity. The players use loony pseudonyms — Walker is "El Cynico" — and pretend to be characters in a Latin drug-cartel scenario. Hence, all of the lyrics are in Spanish — a drawback for Anglos, who would probably appreciate "Seis Seis Seis (666)" even more if they knew one passage translated to "The day of the dark king is coming/You awaken because he kicks your ass." No doubt the Brujerians will, too.

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