California label enlists Denver artist Mario Zoots for massive song release

Burbank, California's DIY label Deathbomb Arc began a monumental sonic undertaking this September, offering up over a hundred songs to subscribers of its year-long "Digital Singles Club" for just ten bucks.

Taken from the idea behind the label's past cassette-tape club -- which featured Caldera Lakes, one half of which is Denver artist and musician Brittany Gould -- the label sends club members two digital tracks a week via e-mail from different bands, one of them being Denver's own Modern Witch.

And, just like a physical piece of music, the 104 tracks will come with album artwork, all created by Modern Witch member Mario Zoots.

Last week, Deathbomb Arc also debuted "Lovers With Iraqis" -- a thrashing new video from Foot Village, the Los Angeles band featuring former Denverite and musician Josh Taylor. Foot Village's typically harsh beats and party howls set a menacing tone for director Rob Heppell's visual commentary of the Abu Ghraib prison situation, complete with news clips of Donald Rumsfeld flashed between scenes of kidnapping and forced cross-dressing. Check it out below.

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