California Powerhouse Acid King Coming to Hi-Dive Sunday

If you’re a doom or psychedelic metal fan, chances are you’ve been waiting to see Acid King for a long time. The legendary Bay Area powerhouse — part-stoner metal, space rock and desert rock, and part doom and psych metal — was formed in 1993 by Lori S., the group’s vocalist and guitarist, drummer Joey Osbourne and the founding bassist, who was succeeded by a string of bassists ending with Mark Lamb, who has been with Acid King since 2006. 

Acid King rarely tours, but will be in Denver at the Hi-Dive on November 1 to push Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere, its newest album and one of the catchiest and most focused of the seven it's recorded. Local bands Abrams and Cloud Catcher, whose doomy, space rock-influenced sound seems to take a lot of cues from Acid King, will open the show.

“Acid King is one of the very few bands who have remained true to its influential and blissfully lysergic sound,” says Rory Rummings, Cloud Catcher vocalist and guitarist. “If Godzilla took a bong rip and destroyed San Francisco, Acid King's music would be the sound of the buildings crumbling into eternity. We are stoked to be playing with them!” 

Acid King is coming to the Hi-Dive at 7 South Broadway on Sunday, November 1. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door; buy them at or call 303-733-0230 for more information.

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Addison is a Denver-based writer specializing in metal, dubstep, cannabis and LGBTQ issues. She also contributes to OUT FRONT, CULTURE and New Noise magazines. Addison is author of Wicked Woman: Women in Metal from the1960s to Now.