Calling all b-boys and b-girls: It's a Chunkstravaganza!

You know what I love about living in Denver -- well, besides the fact that it's the best city in America as voted by me? We take care of our own here. God forbid (No, seriously, God forbid. Please!) that anything ever happens to me, I rest easy knowing that there will be good friends gathering around me to prop me up. Such is the case for old school b-boy Chunkroc of the Lordz of Finesse crew, who's battling stomach cancer. Led by DJ Stretch, Dent and Apostle, the Denver hip-hop community is rallying around Chunk by organizing a fundraiser at Guerilla Garden on Saturday, September 26 from 5-10 p.m. The aptly dubbed Chunkstravaganza is slated to feature a two-on-two b-boy/b-girl battle, a slew of guest DJs including, Stretch, B Money, Lazy Eyez, Cysko Rokwell, Fast Forward, Shake, Vajra, Thomas, SoundsSupreme and Raptor Red. Chunk, Jolt and Marz will also be throwing down some live art and the whole shebang is being judged by Al Capone, Fienz from LOF, Fate, Lalo from Get with This and Show from BreakEFX. With as divisive as the scene can be at times, it's refreshing to know that when it comes down to it, folks got your back. Godspeed, Chunk!

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