Calling all Chevy owners: Mr. Midas is filming a video, and he wants you to floss your ride

Got a Chevy? Mr. Midas is looking for you. This Saturday at noon, the rapper is filming a video at Swansea Park, at 48th and Clayton, and he wants you to come show off your ride.

The single, "Feeling Me," is from his award-winning album, Son of the Crack Era, and features Rockie, his frequent collaborator and little brother in rap. The pair has already been burning it down live on the cut, so the video promises to be just as much of a spectacle.

Needless to say, if the video for "Run My Town" is any indication of what we can expect, you know this joint is going to be poppin'. At a staggering eight minutes-plus (the director's cut is a modest four), there was no expense spared in making that clip. In case you missed it, Midas had a private plane, for chrissakes.

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