Candy Claws' new video - "The Breathing Fire"

This past summer, Candy Claws lost all of its gear in a car fire, mid-way through an East coast tour. Fortunately, the band escaped physically unharmed and forged ahead with the remaining dates, and a late summer full-length sophomore release, Hidden Lands, followed. This week, the octet debuted a visual interpretation of the summer disaster via Pitchfork with a video for "The Breathing Fire."

In the Super 8mm clip, the band appears shipwrecked -- but still its usual doe-eyed and happy selves -- on an island inhabited by vintage-looking children. In typical Candy Claws pastel National Geographic-visual style, the video is a comforting fantasy interpretation of what really happened to the instruments.

If you're feeling too lazy to get all the way through the clip, here's a summary: Sweet, deviant children dance around the dazed band, take its guitars and keyboards, place them on a toy pyre and set it ablaze. The end.


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