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Candy Claws' plan for SXSW: pack plastic sea creatures, stream shows live

Fort Collins' strangest, savviest band are only one of many representing locally at SXSW. However, they continue to demonstrate their ability to stand out from the pack, which is a skill we're sure they'll find particularly handy in Austin.

The duo posted the merch they'll have in tow on their blog, and in addition to their excellent full-length In The Dream of the Sea Life, they've found some tiny friends to bring, as seen above.

Each sea creature has a unique, handmade bed made out of fabric. And actually, we're just assuming that all those critters are (albeit unusual) merch. Assumptions are usually a mistake when these guys are involved, so maybe they just really like getting domestic with little plastic toys.

Either way it's kind of an attention grabber but not much else. The other big plan, which is to stream all their SXSW and attendant appearances on their Ustream channel , is worth a longer look. This is a band that managed to circulate their debut album internationally by going on an "online world tour," where they gave videos to various blogs from different cities. So they're no strangers to finding unique ways to distribute their music online.

The Ustream idea, if it works out, could be even better than the tour. Maybe seeing a medium-quality feed of a live show isn't enough to get you to sit at your computer screen and watch their sets all the way through. But the idea of connecting that directly to a local band playing two states away is undeniably compelling.

You don't have to watch the shows live, either -- the videos are stored for later viewing. For example, here's Candy Claws' final practice, which took place last night:

In other Candy Claws news, the band appears to have moved from Indiecater to Two Syllable Records. The official announcement can be found on the band's myspace . And Act So Big Forest, the Fort Collins' collective of which Candy Claws is a member, has announced that the band's sophomore album Hidden Lands will be released on Two Syllable.

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