Cannons at Illegal Pete's tomorrow for free show with Glass Hits and Sleeping with Gethesemene

Cannons will be joined by Glass Hits and Sleeping with In Gethesemene at Illegal Pete's this Thursday, June 16 for a free show, and to celebrate the occasion, Cause Medic Ink dropped a lovely silkscreened flier off. The flier comes in a variety of colors to boot, which makes it all the more fanciful for those looking to adorn their walls with some local rock band art. It's always nice to see a silkscreen, but it's even nicer to see the effort taken on a free show.

The artwork, done by Christopher Norman, looks like something churned out using a Spirograph. The original Spirograph was produced by Kenner in the '60s and was easily one of our favorite toys growing up. It was also one of the most versatile art creation devices we'd ever used, and to this day, we still look back fondly on our perfect circles and crazy designs.

The whole thing doesn't look like it was created with a Spirograph, though, just the circle patterns -- the interior looks more like the pages of a book unfurling, while the bottom takes on a messy line stroke to balance the tops precision. While the art doesn't really add much to the band's identity and you can't really tell by a glance what you'd be in for -- the fact the show is free means it's less about selling the show and more about selling the idea that you want to go to a show. In that case, it certainly works. Plus, who doesn't want to rock out with a burrito in their hand?

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Thorin Klosowski
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