Carbon Choir drops a radio in a field

Generally speaking, we're not fans of photos on fliers. Not because we hate reality or looking at things in the real world or anything, but fliers made from photographs nearly always look like crap, because nobody bothers to spend the money on a good print. Of course, we're proven wrong often enough, as is the case with this Carbon Choir flier for the band's upcoming show at the Walnut Room.

There is something calming about this image, which might be why we like it. The weird color balance between the grass and the trees makes the whole thing mildly eerie, but in a way that makes us feel warm inside instead of scared. Of course, the radio sitting in the middle of the field for no reason does have a mildly Twilight Zone flavor to it -- if it was directed by the guy that did Care Bears.

Other than that, everything is kept very clean and simple. No fancy typography, no ridiculous eye-catching things -- this one is all about subtlety. Just glancing at the flier will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect musically -- slow rock and roll with a plethora of acoustic bits and plenty of emotion. Seriously, you can get that all based on the image alone, which is a nice feat and -- perhaps most importantly -- a great example of a flier doing exactly what's its supposed to do without too much effort.

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