Carolyn's Mother is getting the band back together in honor of its twentieth anniversary

Once upon a time, about two decades ago, long before the world heard Denver music on the radio, there was a burgeoning band of boys striving to make a name for themselves, playing a brand of music they imported from across the pond. The group was called Carolyn's Mother, and it was birthed on Valentine's Day 1992 -- a literal lifetime ago for some people.

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The boys had an admirable run, but ultimately parted ways in the summer of 2004; they've gotten together a handful of times since to relive fond memories. On August 3, the four original members of the act will get the band back together one more time for old time's sake with Thief River at Herman's Hideaway. Don't miss your chance to see what the Denver scene used to look like, as the show is likely to bring out all the people who helped make original music in Denver a viable endeavor.

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