Cashmere Cat, Holy Ghost! to headline The Hundred's Cloak and Dagger festival

We've just received word that the Hundred, one of Denver's most prominent event promoters and show producers, will be hosting a one-day festival called Cloak and Dagger at City Hall and Vinyl, on Saturday, September 20. The lineup looks promising, and given that it's spread across four stages in the Golden Triangle, this new style of show could set a promising precedent for events moving forward. Cashmere Cat and Holy Ghost! are set to headline, and Justin Martin of the Dirtybird crew is on board as well, plus many more international and local acts.

Cloak and Dagger is the first of its kind for Denver, although the Great American Techno Festival has preceded it with a similar style of music. The one-day event, though, offers some interesting quirks that separate it from its competition. For one thing, the ticket price covers access to both venues, and with them being less than 100 yards from each other, that makes it easy to see multiple acts.

As of now, the lineup includines Cashmere Cat, Gigamesh, Justin Martin, Golf Clap, Graff, Holy Ghost! (DJ set,) Homework, Insightful, Kidnap Kid, Martyn, Midland, Moon Boots, Pogo, Sango and Thomas Jack.

Although ticket prices have not been released yet (we're told that they'll be announced next week and will be very affordable), there will be a VIP section in the top floor of City Hall that will showcase local talent. It's not often that the VIP area is treated to local artists, but in this case, it certainly highlights the talent that is being produced in the Mile High City.

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