Cassette nostalgia calls you to Plat's video release

We like things that look like other things, especially when the other things that things look like remind us of warm-and-fuzzy moments from days gone by. Like, say, a flier that recalled the halcyon days of audio cassettes, in all of their lo-fi, wow-and-flutter glory. That nostalgic feeling for our old cassingles and the days when a mix tape was actually a mix tape helped make the call for this week's flier. Man, we can almost hear the tape hiss now!

The folks behind Plat's video release party/show for "A Million Thanks" apparently grew up in the same era we did (okay, we admit it, we're kinda old), dubbing songs off the radio onto cheap-ass magnetic tape, cursing as our favorite song was lost forever due to a hungry tape deck and believing every album opened up with half to three-quarters of a second of pure, unblemished, low-key white noise.

Somehow it's especially poignant as an e-flier (we haven't seen a physical copy, although there could be one), since audio tape is such an aggressively analog medium. For putting us in the wayback machine this week and sending us to the days when you had to wait for a rewind to hear your favorite song again, Plat's flier gets our pick of the week. Thanks for the memories, guys.

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