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Cat-A-Tac parts ways

This next news comes with more than a hint of sadness. With a notable amount of rueful displeasure we bring you word of another stellar Denver band reaching the end of its road. After some deliberation, the members of Cat-A-Tac have decided to part ways. That's the bad news. Now for the good news: Fortunately, the split is amicable and will result in at least two new projects, one from Jim McTurnan and another from Andy Tennant.

McTurnan, who's playing a solo set in place of the band this Friday, November 21 at the Larimer Lounge, with Finn Riggins, the Ocean Bed, Motel Saints and the Pseudo Dates, says the split is simply due to creative differences (he was writing more upbeat songs, while the material Tennant was penning was more stripped down).

Sadly, there's currently no plans for a farewell show, but McTurnan stresses that the band has left things pretty open ended, leaving the door open for the band to reconvene at some point in the future, should its members decide to do so. "We're done with this for now," he offers. "Nobody knows what will happen down the road."

In the meantime, McTurnan has a half-dozen new songs posted on his MySpace page, two of which we've posted below for you to download. Fare thee well, Cat-A-Tac. Fare thee well. -- Dave Herrera

Download "Give Up Suffering" by Jim McTurnan

Download "Rattlesnake" by Jim McTurnan

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