Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and the Other Side undergo upgrades and renovations

According to Duncan Goodman, one of the owners at Cervantes', the old ballroom just wasn't cutting it. That's why they decided to tackle the problem head-on and completely flip the script on the once run-down venue.

In the past few days, Cervantes' had its floors completely refinished, along with the bar at the Other Side. "The speakers were rehung -- properly," says Goodman, "and a coat check is being added to the Other Side, which will double as a security area as well."

We reported three months ago that the sound booth had been relocated to the floor, a location that is uniform throughout almost every other venue on earth except for Cervantes'. "[The balcony] is a bass trap up there. Having it there made it hard to really get the room dialed in."

Some other aesthetic renovations are in the mix right now, including finishing the bar downstairs and generally giving the venue a facelift.

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