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Chemistry Club

For anyone who spent any time in an arcade as a kid, Danger, the new EP from Chemistry Club, will hold a subtle appeal. The opening effects of "Bend to Colors" are electronic notes straight out of an eight-bit video game. A similar dynamic undergirds the synth effects on the plaintive ballad "Siren," while the eerie electronic sounds on "256 Colors" evoke a particularly brutal session of Contra. But the novelty of Micah Daby's arrangements isn't the only lure of this strong debut: There are enough powerful riffs from guitarist Joe Mondragon to satisfy any power-pop fan, and Jeff Wiencrot's insistent vocals recall the fervor of Aqueduct's Dave Terry. Micah Daby and Jake Euler round out the package with straightforward rhythms and fluid bass grooves. "In All Directions," for example, has the catchy spirit of a modern pop anthem, and "As You Are" features a particularly heartrending confession from Wiencrot. Sure, there's novelty and nostalgia in the production, but it's balanced by real heart and infectious energy.

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A.H. Goldstein