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Cherry Pie: Top 5 Warrant songs you likely know

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By now you've heard that another rocker has left the show early. Jani Lane, known for his sweet, sweet '80s style, his stringy golden locks, and his high pitched vocals as lead singer of Warrant, was found dead last night at a hotel room in California. Although Lane battled with weight, drugs, alcohol and marriage, he still deserved better than being found dead in a Comfort Inn hotel.

Today is a day of sorrow and, yes, pain, but isn't it better to remember the Jani Lane for all the music he brought us over the years, rather than the pain he has caused his fans for bailing at the age of 47 in a solid two-star hotel? Yes. So today, we slip on our too-tight spandex pants, frizz our hair, put that lighter in the air, and blast some of our favorite Warrant songs. Rock on, Jani.

5. "Cherry Pie"

Released in 1990, "Cherry Pie" is one of Warrant's most famous songs. Not only did Warrant fans go berserk for this song, but strippers all around the world went nuts for this naughty anthem. It's the perfect kind of dirty for some serious cherry-pie pole grinding. Lane got to show off his vocal range, and the wicked long guitar riff halfway through isn't only reminiscent of all the popular hair-band songs of the '80s, but brings a tear to our eyes because of it's pure genius in cheese.

4. "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

If you're into guitar, badass vocals and a story about murder, this is definitely the song for you. The song's lyrics are loosely based on the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and recount the murder of two people that are subsequently thrown down a well and the people that witness the crime. A little heavy for a band like Warrant? Never! Leave it to these professionals to make it feel like it's time to rock, racism-style. With the subsequent death of Lane, we're wondering who will tell about the victims in the wishing well now. Did we mention that even with the serious nature of the song, there are still hot chicks in it? There are.

3. "Sometimes She Cries"

Oh the woes of the ladies. Lane seemed to delve deep into our tormented souls and make it okay that we, on occasion, cried. We're not gonna lie...Lane is looking pretty damn rough in this video, but we love the awesomeness of the message anyway. Warrant was always a skilled master of dragging the ladies into their complete and utter bullshit lyrics, and we thank them. If they weren't going to give us false hope when dealing with a-holes who abandon us, who else would've? Thank you, fellas.

2. "I Saw Red"

Piano? Yes, please! We love this song because of its confusing lyrics' absolute uncertainty, something that only long-haired men in wicked tight pants can give us. We can't quite explain how we still love this song even though it kind of doesn't make sense and makes us puke a little in our mouths when we hear it. We've never heard of someone being so softly angry when they find their lady banging some dude in their own house, but hey, either way it's magic. We just didn't think it would end this way, Jani.

1. "Heaven"

Heaven isn't too far away. Listen. Light a candle. Listen again. That is all.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.