Chimney Choir on junk percussion, field recordings and its use of homespun samples

On the surface, Chimney Choir is an Americana band with the usual roots in folk, some country and the like. But anyone who has seen the band live can tell you, there's a lot more going on in the band's songwriting and ideas for music than merely evoking an old-timey sound. Rather than limiting itself to thinking about music inside a circumscribed aesthetic, the trio employs electronics and a collage approach to composition for a not-at-all-obvious recontextualization and appropriation of sound resulting in warm and catchy songs. We spoke with David Rynhart and Kevin Larkin about the band's history, (ladder), the outfit's latest effort, as well as what Carl Sorenson brings to the band and why a synthesis of aesthetics is at the core of what the band does with its songwriting.

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