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Most bands are not popular before they've played their first real show. But most bands aren't Ion. The project started as a collaboration between Switchpin's Noe De'Leon and Blister66's Joe Sego, and caught the attention of Todd Schlafer, who was still in Los Angeles following the demise of his band, Rocket Ajax. Excited about Ion's unusual melding of hard rock and electronica, Schlafer got some other musicians involved: Orgy's Paige Haley and Coal Chamber's Mike Cox recorded the band's demo, which was then mixed by Ulrich Wild (Static-X, Deftones, Alice in Chains, Pantera, Powerman 5000). Now claiming David Foonberg (Colemesis, Blister66, 8 Bucks Experiment) and Nick Lawhorn (Synthetic Delusion) as members, Ion makes its official live debut on Friday, April 11, at the Gothic Theatre. Accidental Superhero, D.O.R.K., You Call That Art? and Lyndzie Taylor are also on the bill, which celebrates the eighth anniversary of Loveland's Hapi Skratch label and the release of Volume IV, a compilation produced by With all that electricity on one stage, expect a brown-out in surrounding areas.
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