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House freaks have been following the career of DJ Garth since 1991, when he caused a minor earthquake in San Francisco's dance scene with his "feeling over formula" philosophy. The shock waves rippled again in 1994, when Garth acquired a custom-designed Turbo-sound rig from his native U.K., and again in 1997, when Muzik magazine named him one of the Top 10 Producers to Watch. With his Wicked Crew, the DJ has hosted such guests as Tony Humphries and Little Louis Vega. Partnered with ETI, he released the super-single "20 Minutes of Disco Glory," which is now available from his own Grayhound label. Garth makes heady West Coast sounds that are a hit on every floor: Prepare to get Wicked when he and his crew join DJ Skunk's Skunk Motel at the Snake Pit on Saturday, May 24.
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Catalina Soltero
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