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Describing his music as "the motion of my cells and freakwencies bouncing back at the world," Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, began making his own music at age twelve but experienced an epiphany five years ago when he first started getting excited about electronic beats and music. As a testament to his naiveté, Ashton says he called everything electronic "techno" and wore a Napalm Death T-shirt to his first rave. Since then, Bassnectar has honed his skills as a producer and engineer and crisscrossed the globe, spinning in such far-flung locales as Australia, Hawaii, British Columbia and Toronto, as well as all over his home state of California. Constantly evolving in an experience he describes as "melting tempos together, massaging the frequencies of all the separate veins of electronic into huge waves of deep, thick bass beats and ancient hypnotic rhythms," Bassnectar has joined the crew of Red Bull Beat Labs, teaching the next wave of mix-masters his freakbeat mixes. Mile High House, Orange Peel Moses and Unity Gain have teamed up to bring Bassnectar to Colorado for two shows this week. Catch his latest "aural experiments" at Lime on Saturday, July 5, with Eliza Jane and Todd Coletti, and at Trilogy on Sunday, July 6, with Timbuk and Mamadou. Drink deeply of the sweet, sweet 'Nectar.
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