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"I catch reality and punch it through a drum line," says Sentence on the song "Done Right" from his debut solo album, Bomb Shelter Poetry. Mainlining the poetic roots of hip-hop, the MC takes an innovative approach to the tracks on his solo joint by mixing up the beats and even adding an occasional unorthodox acoustic guitar. Sentence has made a name for himself as part of Makeshift Gods -- producing as well as performing on the group's 2002 disc, Audio Movement. With songs that contain multiple tempo changes, eclectic samples and slices of flute, Movement is further proof that he is no stranger to experimentation. Behind the mike or in the studio, Sentence is building a reputation beyond the Front Range for pulsating, ominous beats and profound, blitzkrieg vocals. At a recent Missoula, Montana, freestyle battle, he represented Colorado by competing against lyrical pugilists from up and down the Rocky Mountain region -- and brought home first prize. Voicebox Records, the label he co-founded in 1998, continues to expand its roster and draw attention with a stated mission of "getting their music to the people who need to hear it." Sentence will deliver the words you need to hear this Saturday, September 6, when he appears at the Starlight Theatre in Fort Collins, along with a panorama of fresh talent including OMD, Busdriver, Shapeshifters, 49 Stories and Sweet Nectar's Banter. Word.
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