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Aw, Shugga. When you're in the mood for some breakbeat ear candy, it's all about DJ Shugga's funky nu-school vibe. A background in dance enhanced Shugga's natural affinity for rhythms and movement, translating into mixes that get the dance floor slamming. Shugga's been in high demand from East Coast clubs to massive parties in the U.K. and Australia, blending her fun approach and nasty grooves for a recipe that melts in your mouth. The demise of Funk Dawg records, the label behind Shugga's first release, didn't stop the honey from hitting the turntable; the energetic DJ kept touring and eventually put together "Bitch Slap" for her featured performance at 2002's Winter Music Conference in Miami. Eager to explore the world of production more fully, Shugga already keeps her deck fully loaded with a day job and night classes in between spin sessions, and she's also expressed interest in starting a small booking agency. She'll be pouring her syrup on Denver this Saturday, October 18, at the Sherman Street Event complex as part of Bizounce 2's all-star lineup. See for complete details. Sweet!
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Catalina Soltero
Contact: Catalina Soltero