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This Turkey Day, the first thing on the Canadian dance scene's list of things to be thankful for is finally having an answer to the nagging question "What Canadian dance scene?" Club confection artist Luke Fair drives a maple-leaf flag into the international arena, staking a claim on both charts and decks and, in the process, building anticipation for each stop on his tour. There's a prize for everyone in Fair's eclectic, one-of-a-kind sets, in which funhouse mirrors twist techno tracks into sinister industrial shadows; trippy trance melodies swoon into phat progressive dubs; and roller-coaster tracks climb from easy grooves to rocketing tempos, then plunge into the depths of funk. The favorite DJ of electronic act Deep Dish, Fair is both architect and attraction, a one-man thrill ride on the turntables. Trade your holiday stuffing for electro-house spinning when the Fair hits town this Thursday, November 27, at the Church. Step right up, eh?
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Catalina Soltero
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