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Multiple-personality disorder gets such a bad reputation; everyone seems to forget all the good it can do. Take, for example, drum-and-bass crusader Stakka, who, in the years since his birth (under the name Shaun Morris), has used innumerable identities to distinguish the varying dementias of creative energy that have colored his electronic evolution. Morris's initiation into geekdom came through early computer-generated sound, a futuristic ambience that carries through to his compositions today. Developing his talents with each advancement in keyboard technology, Morris's metamorphic shifts paralleled the progressions in club sounds, his numerous aliases and releases marking key stops along the path shared by DJ and genre en route to their mutual destination. Jungle's lush landscape gave way to the enveloping darkness of drum and bass, unleashing new potential for the dominant breakbeats favored by Morris, the producer, summoning Stakka as avatar. Surpassing the success of prior incarnations, Stakka's solo tracks and collaborations unify passion and experience, making life better for beatheads everywhere. Make your diagnosis this Thursday, December 18, when Stakka spins live at the Snake Pit.
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Catalina Soltero
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