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He calls himself Simply Jeff. Like most men who attach a descriptive to their name, he's lying. Okay, maybe he's just humble. But one thing's for sure: He's anything but simple. Ubiquitous Jeff has been exploring the breakbeat sound since the mid-'80s, helming its development through deejaying for area breakdance crews. By the tail end of that decade, he was already at L.A.'s KROQ, mixing under the guise of DJ Spinn for the likes of Depeche Mode, giving a taste of what was to come. Jeff was an obvious choice in 1991 for the country's first 24-hour techno station, Mars-FM, deftly serving as on-air co-host and countdown fusion maestro, honing his remarkable skills over time as easily as most people put on socks. Success follows the electronica phenom naturally: in the studio, cutting comp discs such as Funk-Da-Fried; with breakthrough live performances, à la 1997's MTV awards; producing other artists, often through one of his various labels, including Phonomental; even writing music reviews for BPM Culture. If you think the resumé's impressive, wait until you've heard what he can do with house, funk and a magic touch. Maybe he's called Simply Jeff because listing all his proficiencies would take too long and interfere with listening to those addictive beats. Jeff will defy adjectives this Friday, January 16, at Beyond. To put it simply, you'll be hooked.
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Catalina Soltero
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