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While some argue that the Prince is no longer so Fresh, DJ Jeff is as Jazzy as ever. Philly's finest may not have the screen time of his Bad Boys colleague, but Jazzy Jeff hasn't been slacking off since the duo's mid-'80s heyday: Word is it's been Jeff who's been too busy the past few times a reunion CD has been suggested. The pair finally hit the studio recently, with a new album promised later this year; its first single will most likely feature Mary J. Blige. Jeff's production house, A Touch of Jazz (, is recognized as one of the top training grounds for upcoming talent on both sides of the board, developing hit producers as well as recording artists, including platinum-selling Jill Scott.

Jazzy Jeff may be multi-talented, but what we love best is that tight hip-hop style, and he's serving it up on a platter, or platters, on his current world tour. Earning his street cred by letting the music speak for itself -- rather than showing off bullet wounds -- Jazz dishes hardcore rhythms and ripe hooks with superb splashes of, well, jazz. Slick turntable voodoo enhances both his albums and his live sets, and his performances maintain a hungry edge through even the most polished tracks. Jazzy Jeff makes a stop at the Church this Saturday, January 24. Some truths are universal: Parents still don't understand, and you don't want to miss this show.

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Catalina Soltero
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