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Kit's caboodle is littered with experimentation and eclecticism, refusing to conform to club-music normalcy. Debuting in 1997 on his own Cytrax label with the EP Negative Powers, Kit Clayton alternates between dubby techno and adventures in noise. He's known as the consummate computer geek, living life by the light of his monitor (his "other" job involves writing code for music software). But Clayton doesn't restrict his audio creations to technofiles -- or to his own labels, for that matter. Having released tracks with Scape, Phthalo and Seventh City tags, Clayton's garnered praise in such publications as Muzik, The Wire and Urb. Moody down-tempos and a keen ear for rhythms make him a must for listeners itching to break out of techno's surface level -- those who love the beat but want to explore the avant-garde. Between writing and recording, producing for other artists, running his Cytrax and Delay labels, launching a new project -- "The Mimic and the Model," which blends electronic music and visual arts -- and keeping his day gig, somehow Clayton still finds time to tour. See him in Boulder twice this week: on Friday, February 13, at Trilogy, and Saturday, February 14, at the Wobble show at CU's Fiske Planetarium, with J-Boogie, Equulei, Ovni, Freq Modif, Greg Coffin, Whitsitt, Alala.One, DJ Ivy, Equality and NewNumberTwo. Cupid recommends going to both.
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