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DJ Luna has been putting a unique spin on traditional moon worship ever since she purchased "a pair of cheap, belt-driven tables" when she was really too young to be in the clubs. The entire night is brightened by her presence as she glides through diverse phases with an innate magnetism. La Luna and her music have evolved into an irresistible live force: She draws energy from the dance floor, skewers it on the mood of the moment and jettisons the amplified results back to the masses. Luna's impulsive tendencies -- sticking a wad of '80s pop onto a wall of electro breaks, for example -- allow her to eclipse the crowd's expectations. This lunar lady scored her residency at Club 314 (formerly Club Onyx) before the venue technically existed, anchoring the revolving lineup of Friday's Female Fusion series. In constant motion like her celestial namesake, Luna's orbit will pass through 314's Fusion premiere this Friday, February 20.
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Catalina Soltero
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