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Club Scout

In a daring move of creative inspiration, Dieselboy brought in live guitars, drums, bass and keyboards to round out the remix of Style of Beyond's "SubCulture" on his 2002 release, projectHUMAN. Using instruments to play a song isn't exactly groundbreaking, of course, but in the drum-and-bass world of computerized everything, it isn't common. Neither is naming an album after a role-playing tome, but Dieselboy's done it anyway on his eighth mix album, The Dungeonmaster's Guide. That's right: In honor of D-boy's self-dubbed "geek gaming roots," the double disc shares its title with a book from the fantasy world of TRW's Dungeons & Dragons (that's D&D, to fellow geeks). Lots of DJs and producers may claim to unite the genres of club music, boasting of accolades and chart rankings, but how many can take you on a trip filled with dragon slayings and princess saving -- and aren't afraid to admit it? Grab your character sheet and join the journey this Saturday, March 13, at Avalon.
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Catalina Soltero
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