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Dave Ralph began his career in the late '70s, before many of his fans were even born. His ingenuity and inclusion of multiple influences from outside the dance-club norm changed him from wandering unknown DJ to one of the most sought-after names on the scene. Ralph is a born performer who thrives on connecting with crowds and isn't intimidated by throwing down in front of throngs of people -- like the 75,000-plus rockers and groovers who showed up at Woodstock '99. While he's played producer and remixer to artists as varied as Deepsky and Yazoo -- the latter gave him the chance to work with mastermind Richard "Humpty" Vission -- he's best at expressing himself through his original compositions. Resident Alien, released last year on System Records, gave listeners a taste of what's to come from Ralph's own Rfactor label. The double disc contains pristine mixes that pound and soothe, thump and caress, creating a helix of beats and melodies. Layering lush, trance-y tunes with relentless house rhythms, Alien is the DJ's most progressive album to date. Ralph was birthed a Brit, but he's ours now, having relocated to Florida before settling into his current Boston home. Expect a close encounter with Alien's DJ when he lands at the Church this Thursday, June 10.
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