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Now that Vinyl's rooftop patio is hot, the rest of the place is getting ready to chill...or at least, to move the party indoors as Denver's weather starts to chill. The basement of the building at 1082 Broadway -- a casualty of the March 2003 blizzard -- has been remodeled into an intimate venue complete with a surround-sound system and retooled DJ booth; its stark decor is designed to separate the music lovers from the lounge lizards. The underground spot opened last weekend, and November's show lineup is already packed. As for repaired and renovated floors between the basement and the roof? Owner Regas Christou hopes to get them finished by Halloween.

Over at 554 Santa Fe Drive, there's a brand-new stage and live-music room tucked behind Pod. But customers entering the small storefront shop/gallery could never have known about it unless they happened to ask -- and if they asked in time, they could have caught the hidden venue's October 13 debut show featuring the Towne Dandies. Pod's Lauri Lynnxe Murphy is proud of the addition, and says she's looking forward to scheduling more music. Interested acts should call 303-623-3460 between noon and 6 p.m.; fans interested in growing the scene should support Pod and its supportive attitude toward underground artists.

Three-month-old Bender's Tavern at 314 East 13th Avenue has buckled down to some serious music scheduling, with national acts on the agenda ( The bar also has a beautiful new mural on its east-facing exterior wall; it's the work of local listener and former Colorado Music Association president Tommy Nahulu. Oops... Hogbutler Warehouse, that warren of rooms at 1156 South Kalamath Street, is closed to all entertaining activity until further notice, thanks to its recent routing by the boys in blue. But Monkey Mania now has a website ( that will clue you in to upcoming action at the similarly styled sometime venue at 2126 Arapahoe Street (shhhh). Quixote's True Blue, the subspace of Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, at 2637 Welton Street, has started scheduling shows in anticipation of its reopening at the end of the month. And Forest Room 5 (2532 15th Street) is living up to its reputation as an artistic oasis. In addition to its Inspired Creativity multimedia arts extravaganza, the space is featuring more music, including DJ performances and talented local bands; for a schedule, keep an eye on And the metro area could soon get a lot noisier, with rumors running rampant in Ryan Dykstra's camp of a huge party at a new venue on the fringes of Denver sometime after the first of the year; there's also buzz about a Club Metro hip-hop club coming to town. Details to follow as soon as I scout them out.

Finally, if you've wanted to join Denver's Hearse Society but didn't have the green for a ghoulish ride of your own, the Cherry Pit (60 South Broadway) will raffle chances to win a Cadillac corpse-hauler at its October 30 Disintegration Halloween Bash.

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